Massive 300-year-old California oak tree limb crushes vehicles


Sections of a massive oak tree estimated to be at least 300 years old crashed down and damaged seven parked cars in a San Francisco Bay Area city.

Residents in Pleasant Hill, California, are now asking who's responsible for the damage.

A centuries old massive oak tree crushed this truck after sections of it came crashing down overnight damaging parked vehicles in a neighborhood in Pleasant Hill, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018. Residents in Pleasant Hill are now asking who's responsible for the damage. (Rick Hurd/East Bay Times via AP)

KGO-TV reports Thursday that overnight, a giant limb snapped off the oak, which the city had named "Emma" and declared a heritage tree.

Homeowner Ashley Cudd said the tree's protected status meant she couldn't chop it down and needed approval to trim it, which was granted once but denied several times.

Pleasant Hill city official Mike Nielsen said the tree belongs to the homeowners and damage is their responsibility. He says the homeowners can now remove the tree since it's an emergency but will have to pay for it.

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